About Twenty4 Fashion
About Twenty4 Fashion


Twenty4 offer trendy fashion at great quality and even better prices for men, women, teens, kids and home. Our diverse range of apparel and accessories caters for every taste, ensuring that you are always stylish, regardless of your “look”.

Identifying a need for value fashion to push the boundaries of aspirational and trendy apparel, twenty4 sought to target a growing niche a thriving market. Launched in October 2013, the brand offered a fun, energetic, and trendy brand that speaks to the young and young at heart.

After the initial launch in Abu Dhabi, twenty4 has been steadily gaining consistent momentum throughout the GCC. The brand also has a conversation going on with its target market through various social media with a dedicated strategy to be a sounding board and platform for young trendy fashion.

Currently, twenty4 is present in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and KSA. The expansion in each region shows definite intent to be a long-term solution for people looking to be on trend at a great price.

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  • جاكيت الرياضة، أحدث ستايلات الطلة العصرية العملية.. مثالي لأنه يليق بكثير من القطعAre you laid-back, easy-going with an active lifestyle? This sporty bomber jacket is perfect for you
  • الأصدقاء يبقون معاً، يتسوقون معاً! تاغ لمن تحبين التسوق برفقتهاFriends who shop together, stay together! Tag your bestie who should go shopping with you soon
  • البرد الذي لا تستطيع مقاومته يلزمه جاكيت واحد من تشكيلتنا!Coolness level you can’t handle… unless you got one of our jackets to protect you from the cold!
  • أزرق، بني ترابي وأصفر – مزيج من الألوان المتجانسة في طلة مميزةYou could be serving looks too in the color palette of this season - blue, earthy brown and yellow
  • تشكيلة ملابس الاطفال من تونتي4 .. أزياء في المقدمةPut your best fashion foot forward with twenty4 kid’s collection
  • موضة افرولات الجينز في التسعينات عادت لنا في العام السابق وتبقى معنا هذا العام. يبقى عليكم اختيار التيشيرت أو القميص المناسبBack & ready to rock. Denim overalls is a trend from the 90s that made a big comeback last year. Hop on this trend & pair it with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt

twenty4 offers incredible value as a fast fashion store for the whole family. We bring traditional values to a modern space resulting in a shopping experience that is accessible yet vibrant, trendy yet personalized, and, above all, affordable.


You can become a member of ‘twenty4rewards’ with any purchase made at our stores. There are no criteria of a minimum purchase.

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