Velour Tracksuit worn by a girl and an adult woman

The velour tracksuit is back!

Celebrities are giving the sweat suit a modern twist, pairing it with retro sunglasses, high heels and even swapping pants for skirts!

Who knew this trend from the early 2000s would ever be coming back? While the look gained a reputation as the soccer mom’s uniform, celebrities are giving the velour tracksuit a modern twist, pairing it with retro sunglasses, high heels and even swapping pants for skirts!

Made popular by the stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, the super comfortable velour craze is once again making its way back into everyone’s wardrobe.

Check out the celebrities rocking different variations of it. Here we got mono color tracksuit, skirt tracksuit, even a man’s velour tracksuit (!) and more.

Images: Vogue

We’ve got our own velour tracksuits in different colors for you to check out. They’re available for girls of all ages and ladies as well! Now you can be matching with your mini me or going shopping in style with your girlfriends.

Girls (4-14 years old) velour tracksuit SAR 79.

Adult velour tops & bottoms from SAR 59.

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