Wearing floral prints the right way

Here are a few of our favorites from twenty4 spring collection.

We can’t imagine a spring fashion collection without floral prints. Flowers have always been a symbol of femininity, ever since their popularity in the fashion industry grew in 19th century. Depending on your style, age, attitude and even mood, you can choose different ways of styling your floral prints. Here are a few of our favorites from twenty4 spring collection.

Bold & daring

a woman in a striped shirt

You don’t shy away from fashion trends and making a statement with your outfit? Do it in style with mixing different prints! The regularity of the stripes complements the irregularity of the flowers. They work wonders together either on two prints worn side by side as well as mixed in a single print. Finish your look with big bold earrings.

Classic & cool

a woman in a white dress

Are you into solid colors and subtle details? Don’t shy away from making a statement in your own way & incorporate florals into your wardrobe. Layer up the details—monochromatic floral lace, embroidered flowers on denim, and the perfect new-season update for traditional wardrobe staples like sandals.

Feminine & charming

a woman in a floral print dress

Do you love ruffles and can’t stay away from skirts and dresses any day? Try rocking the off white shade alongside with pale pink and green hues, embrace a relaxed silhouette and add a few cute accessories.

As long as there are flowers, designers will continue to be inspired by these magnificent products of nature.  Be it spring or summer, floral fashion is evidently a timeless trend and will always be in style.

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